The New Old Tub

My niece, Casey, was getting rid of a clawfoot tub so I snagged it.  It needed some work so Miracle Method picked it up, took it to their shop and delivered it back to Casey’s house.  They did a fantastic job and were extremely professional with quotes, delivery and communication.  It is not cheap.  About $800 with delivery.  A lot less than buying one new or refurbished.


My beautiful niece, Casey. With Luke, her 2nd son.


Ben, Casey’s 1st son, was wondering why we were taking thier bathtub!

While we were in a “real” city we did some quick shopping.  My sister, Sue, introduced me to Big Jim’s Home Center in Concord, NH.  It is all the stuff you need to build or DIY your home at very reasonable prices.  A lot of the items are used and many are new.  Your choice.  Whenever possible, I prefer used because I think recycling is better for the environment.  We consume too much!

While we were there, we met Don.  He helped us with some flooring and there is a good chance we may buy all our hardwood flooring from him.  Look for the details in a future post.  Here the sample we grabbed.  Maple 3/4″, pre-finished.


A little hard to see – it is hard to focus on a slab of maple when there is a photo of such a good looking guy!!


Dan tied her down and she traveled nicely to her new home in VT.


Back in VT we drive around with the tub a bit, trying to find the right time to ask for help getting it in the house.


Marley stopped by with Evan and Shannon (and Finn the black lab) so we asked for help. The tub was easy to move into the house with the 5 of us.


They cooled off in the lake – Thanks Shannon, Evan and Marley!

Here is my inspiration for the tub and our master bath.  I am not trying to recreate this bathroom but I would like the tub and how the exterior is finished kind of rustic.  I also like the large rectangle window.


My sister, Sue, says she will help me paint the exterior. She has been doing some research. I know it will come out great as she is a very good painter.

Meet the Crew

Lucas and his crew have been making very good progress on the house.  Each day I arrive after work it is exciting to see something new.  By next week they plan to have the house and roof sheathed and our electrician will come in and wire over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the garage is still on hold and we are rethinking out plans of building the garage first and moving into the garage while the house is built.  Now we are thinking that we will move into the basement while the house is built.  Before we can move in, some pretty significant things have to happen.

  1. New septic
  2. Plumbing – at least on the 1st floor as the bathroom has to function
  3. Electric
  4. Roof
  5. Windows & doors

I am sure there are some other things but those are the big ones that come to mind.  And we would like to move in by Aug 1!!!  Here’s the guys who will make it all happen.


Lucas – he’s the boss!


Oso – Lucas’ dog.  He’s 2nd in command.


Oso is one of the few on the crew that is taking advantage of the lake. Hot days lately!

Rob picking up at the end of the day.

Rob picking up at the end of the day.

Rob showing no fear of heights!


Scott, holding the post, is also a welder, irrigation, electical, etc. Pretty multi-talented.

Dale tore down the old lake house, has prepped the sites, back filled and is now doing some landscaping.  Here he tries to explain why he munched another one of my perennials!

Dale tore down the old lake house, has prepped the sites, back filled and is now doing some landscaping. Here he tries to explain why he munched another one of my perennials!

The new front yard is taking shape - can't wait to see what Dale  is able to do with it.

The new front yard is taking shape – can’t wait to see what Dale is able to do with it.


Dan the man.  He had the fun job of sealing the garage foundation.







We are so pleased with the progress on the house.  Each day brings something new and exciting.  Today, it was the beginning of trusses on the house.  The garage foundation has also taken a step forward.


6.9.16 Upstairs…what I call the kid’s (as in someday the grand kids) room facing Angie and Rick’s house.

Still need to pour slab on garage.  About 3 wks behind schedule on garage which allows house to be ahead of schedule.

Love the staircase to the 2nd floor.  And the window right above the 1st tread was an add on.  Dan thought we should add one there and he was absolutely right!


Dan and I have been excited to help with the house and we are looking forward to some solid homework.  But for now, Lucas only has us on clean up.  We stop by after work each night and refresh the cooler with ice and beverages.  We clean up all the leftover wood, nails, insulation, etc.  We basically tidy up the place so the guys don’t have to waste a lot of time with that.  Over Memorial Day weekend Lucas finally gave us some real homework – insulate the basement.  Luckily, Dan knows how to do all this or I would be lost.  I learned a lot.


The week of 5.30 – 6.3 has been an exciting one. When the rooms on the 1st floor were framed it all started to take shape.


In the basement I helped Dan with insulation.  My jobs were pretty simple like putting the washer on the screw and knocking excess cement off the wall.  



It was hot and Bella found a cool spot on the cement floor – under the new staircase.


Future location of a french door – Dan checks out the view.



Bella approves the view, too!


Foundation delay

We are a little behind schedule because the cement guy was delayed 2 weeks on the garage foundation.  The planned sequence is:

  1. Pour house foundation and cap – done!
  2. Pour garage foundation.
  3. Build garage.
  4. Move into garage by July 1.
  5. Build house.
  6. Move into house by Christmas.

Because we are renting a house we really want to get into the garage so we can be on site daily and so our rent $$ can go towards construction.  It is a bit frustrating that we are behind but I have been warned by everyone to expect delays.

At this point I think we are going to have to rent for another month and move into the garage on Aug 1.

On the positive side, our builder Lucas has taken advantage of the delay and started building the house. I didn’t go to worksite all week so when we drove up the drive yesterday it was very exciting.

Just being able to actually see the exact location and size of each window was extremely satisfying, as I have been trying to viualize them for months.  The staircase from the basement to the first floor was all completed and walking up it was a highlight of my day.


Future garage in front and house in back.

Not only did we get to see our house take shape but we celebrated a bunch of very important dates with family.  Amy, Anita and Walt visited to celebrate Anita & Walt’s 60th Anniversary, Amy’s Anniversary and Tanner’s 20th birthday, all on May 26.


The star of the day, the Cushman.  So good at carting us and our stuff up the hill.  Dan giving Anita a ride.

I forced this smile out of Wally – looking good, as usual!

Dan also surprised up with a screen house so we can take refuge from the black flies.  We are a little behind schedule but we have so much to be thankful for.


tw birthday

Back at House on the Hill we celebrated with icecream cake!

Note:  as of June 4, garage foundation still not poured – quite a setback.  On the positive side, the house is progressing nicely.


The Black Flies Are Out

Dan and I are trying to go to the lake house after work each night but our motivation has been thwarted by swarms of black flies.  Dan took down a lot of trees so there is a lot of wood and brush to move.  I am busy rescuing perennials and moving them.  Without running water I carry in a lot of water to keep the transplanted perennials alive. The site is torn to pieces.  Soon we will be doing a lot of raking, seeding and haying.

Today we spent most of our time walking around and checking the progress.  We still can’t believe we are building a house – pinch me!



May 12, 2016


Lots of large rocks and boulders are being unearthed


House Plans

For years Dan and I talked about the house and how we would like the layout.  We drew it and graphed it.  Over and over I would ask Dan to hold the tape measure so I could tape out an imaginary room and see if it would be the right size.  As much as we knew what we wanted, we decided to hire an architect, John Guminak (JG Design Services, Inc.)  Best decision ever!

house plan

Our favorite thing that John came up with was the walk out basement.  This will put us closer to the water which means we can walk our kayaks out of the basement and right down to the water, saving about 100 steps each trip.