The New Old Tub

My niece, Casey, was getting rid of a clawfoot tub so I snagged it.  It needed some work so Miracle Method picked it up, took it to their shop and delivered it back to Casey’s house.  They did a fantastic job and were extremely professional with quotes, delivery and communication.  It is not cheap.  About $800 with delivery.  A lot less than buying one new or refurbished.


My beautiful niece, Casey. With Luke, her 2nd son.


Ben, Casey’s 1st son, was wondering why we were taking thier bathtub!

While we were in a “real” city we did some quick shopping.  My sister, Sue, introduced me to Big Jim’s Home Center in Concord, NH.  It is all the stuff you need to build or DIY your home at very reasonable prices.  A lot of the items are used and many are new.  Your choice.  Whenever possible, I prefer used because I think recycling is better for the environment.  We consume too much!

While we were there, we met Don.  He helped us with some flooring and there is a good chance we may buy all our hardwood flooring from him.  Look for the details in a future post.  Here the sample we grabbed.  Maple 3/4″, pre-finished.


A little hard to see – it is hard to focus on a slab of maple when there is a photo of such a good looking guy!!


Dan tied her down and she traveled nicely to her new home in VT.


Back in VT we drive around with the tub a bit, trying to find the right time to ask for help getting it in the house.


Marley stopped by with Evan and Shannon (and Finn the black lab) so we asked for help. The tub was easy to move into the house with the 5 of us.


They cooled off in the lake – Thanks Shannon, Evan and Marley!

Here is my inspiration for the tub and our master bath.  I am not trying to recreate this bathroom but I would like the tub and how the exterior is finished kind of rustic.  I also like the large rectangle window.


My sister, Sue, says she will help me paint the exterior. She has been doing some research. I know it will come out great as she is a very good painter.

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