Our First Night

On Friday, June 24, Dan and I spent our 1st night in our new home.  It felt good.  No, GREAT!  It was a short camp-over but successful.


That’s me – applying another coat of sunscreen!


My cot is set up and ready to go.  Dan searched around and could only find this “Barbie” raft for his bed.


Dan’s outdoor rinse station – washing up for supper (ham sandwiches.)


Bella claimed my bed as soon as I had it made.


We enjoyed an exciting evening of cards and visited our neighbor’s campfire for a little while.

We found a blow up mattress that one of the kids had covered in duct tape.  Dan didn’t have much confidence in it.  It stayed inflated for about 3 or 4 hours and then I could hear him bumping around on the ground.

At 5 am we got up, left all our bedding behind, jumped into the car and headed home to our  “house on the hill” and coffee pot.  Later in the weekend we bought a queen size blow up mattress.  Our next sleepover will be luxurious.

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