Houston, We Have Started the Garage!

The original plan was to pour the basement of the house, cap it and then build the garage.  We would build a studio apartment over the garage and Dan and I would move into it sometime between July and Aug.  We would live there until the house was finished.  And you know what they say about the best made plans.

It is the week of June 27 and the garage has just started.  Let’s just say there has been a significant delay with the cement guy.  A few weeks ago we made the decision to abandon the garage idea sna go full out on the house with hopes of miving into the basement of the house by Aug 1.  We are 1 month out and no plumbing, septic or electric.  A lot to accomplish in 30 days.  It can be done but I am preparing myself in case we miss that deadline.

It was pretty good to see a little work started on the garage this week.


6.27.16 24 x 24′ garage


There will be a small covered walkway between the garage and mudroom – the crew got that started too.


Down in the basement they were able to rough out a small utility room for the plumber and electrician. Dan milled the birch support beam.


When the crew goes home we clean up the site and work on some project, usually landscaping. Here Dan is prepping for seed.



June 30. Side yard is seeded, mulched and watered. The crew will have to work and travel over this area but if a little grass takes, it will help with soil erosion.

I consider us very lucky to have a garage.  It is going to be so helpful.  Dan and I will do a lot of the work on the garage once the frame and roof are up.  We will put on the siding and anything else we are capable of.  This will let the crew focus on the house.

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