Dan and I have been excited to help with the house and we are looking forward to some solid homework.  But for now, Lucas only has us on clean up.  We stop by after work each night and refresh the cooler with ice and beverages.  We clean up all the leftover wood, nails, insulation, etc.  We basically tidy up the place so the guys don’t have to waste a lot of time with that.  Over Memorial Day weekend Lucas finally gave us some real homework – insulate the basement.  Luckily, Dan knows how to do all this or I would be lost.  I learned a lot.


The week of 5.30 – 6.3 has been an exciting one. When the rooms on the 1st floor were framed it all started to take shape.


In the basement I helped Dan with insulation.  My jobs were pretty simple like putting the washer on the screw and knocking excess cement off the wall.  



It was hot and Bella found a cool spot on the cement floor – under the new staircase.


Future location of a french door – Dan checks out the view.



Bella approves the view, too!


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