Still prepping for demo

We rushed to get the lake house cleaned out but now we are waiting on the excavator to find time in his schedule to get to our place and replace the culvert in the driveway and tear down the house.  In the meantime, we continue to make trips to Whitingham and always find one more thing to do.  On our recent trip, Dan took down a tree that was leaning toward the site of the new house.  Dan loves to take down trees.  I have to watch him closely or there will not be a tree left on the lot.







One of the guys who picked up a couch was interested in the kitchen cabinets.  We told him to take it all.  He ended up taking the cabinets, the shower, the oil in the tank and he would like the oil tank too.  I love it when stuff gets reused.


He did a great job taking out the entire kitchen.  Even took the dishwasher that did not work!



In the bathroom he took out the shower stall, which Dan thought would be impossible to remove.  See the mold.  Another good reason to demo this house and start fresh.


I decided to take Bella for a walk while Dan cut up the tree.  Here we are at our favorite island.  Usually the water is at or above this fire pit.  This is the lowest I have ever seen the water.






This may be our last photo of the Lake House from the lake.  A little sad but glad I snapped it.  Again, never seen the water so low.


Back at the house the Cushman helped us haul all the branches up to the burn pile and we have some good wood for bonfires.



I tried to dig up the two hydrangeas in the front but they were too big for me.  Maybe the excavator can carefully scoop them up for me.  Til next time lake house…I wonder if it will be our last time with you?

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