Monthly Archives: March 2016

Demolishing a house

It is almost time to tear down the lake house and start building our “dream home.”  Before you demo a house there are a lot little things that need to be coordinated.  To help you, here is the list I have compiled.  I wish I had this in advance!

  1. Obtain a permit – in my town it only cost $10 and was very simple to fill out the paperwork.  They told me I could start the demo on the same day.  Talk about easy!  I would guess it is a bit more complex in some places.  Gotta love rural VT!
  2. Disconnect electric – call your electric provider.
  3. Disconnect phone line – call your phone/internet provider.
  4. Remove propane/oil.  In our case we asked them to pump the oil out of the storage tank in our basement.  Unfortunately, they needed power (already disconnected) and could not pump.  They will have to come back a second time and I will have to have an extension cord from the neighbor’s house or a generator.  Later they called to tell me they could not pump oil in the state of VT because that is considered hazardous waste (contaminated because it sat in our tank?)  Given this new information my husband posted our oil on a local “for sale” site and we have received a few inquiries.  Hopefully, someone will go pump it out and use it in their heavy equipment.
  5. In our case, we are discontinuing use of the current septic and building where the current tank and leach field exist.  So we had to have the septic tank pumped.  We dig down to reveal the tank cap – about a foot down in our case.  It was a little bit difficult due to the frost line.
  6. Shut off water to the house and disconnect line.
  7. How’s the driveway?  Can it support heavy equipment?  In our case, the culvert at the end of the driveway failed so we needed to get that replaced.
  8. Hire an excavator to do the tear down.
  9. Schedule a contractor dumpster.  In our case the excavator included this in his quote so I did not have to arrange for one.
  10. Clean out the house!  This has been the hardest part because we shoved all the stuff from our Gaye Ln home into the Lake House. Luckily, my husband has done most of the moving and heavy lifting.  He put a lot of his tools (he has sooo many) in the the boat house and a little portable garage/tent thing that he bought.  I rented an 8 x 20 storage pod and that is almost full too.  I did not want any of the upholstered furniture in the lake house so I posted them on the local “yard sale” facebook page and so far we have unloaded (2) couches, (2) chairs a hutch and a cabinet.  Some of those people may come back and take kitchen cabinets, windows, etc.  The less we can put in a land fill the happier I will be.