DIY Deals

7.3.14  I am a DIYer who wants the best price possible.  And depending on the job that needs to get done, I may want the best product too.  I would love to hear how others are saving $$ while they build or renovate.  Here are a few of my tricks.

BIG PURCHASES:  I am not a huge fan of the big box stores, like Home Depot, but let’s face it, they are pretty darn convenient for a whole lot of things.  For instance, I am trying ot fix up my house before I sell it.  I will probably spend about $5,000 in carpet, granite, vanities and faucets.  The problem is that I have not sold my house yet so I don’t have the cash for the upgrades.  Solution:  Hope Depot had an offer running that allowed you 0% for 18 mos.  So I have 18 mos to sell my house and pay off my bill.  In the meantime, I will pay off as much as I can in case my house does not sell in 18 mos.

PAINT:  When you go to your paint store ask if they have an OOPS section of paint.  These are 1 and 5lb gallon buckets of paint that have been returned because the wrong color or type of paint was selected.  I bought a 5 gallon can of wall paint for all of my bedroom walls (off white) for $20.  And we just purchased a 5 gal bucket of DECK OUT for $30.  The color was a dark tan, which worked for us.  It is $150+ if we were to purchase it from the aisle.  Most of the paint in the OOPs section is pink and other crazy colors but keep checking and you will get lucky.

RECYCLE:  If I have the time, I plan to purchase recycled items whenever possible.  A sink, a door or hard wood flooring.  It takes time to search for these deals but in theory, I much rather reuse something already on this planet.  I also thought cloth diapers were a great idea.  And they were, for about 48 hours.

That’s all I have….for now!

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