Septic 101


Important day!  This morning we met with Merrill, an engineer and our septic expert/designer.  Before doing anything, we had to make sure that the land could support a septic system.

Currently, there is a 750 gallon metal tank.  Undersized and metal is no longer used.  I don’t even think there is a leach field.  Fine for the occasional weekend but will not work for full time living.

The good news Merrill delivered, IT CAN BE DONE!  The price tag has left me concerned. $20-30k.  Our next step is a $300-400 soil boring and test.  That I can handle.  But I really have to think about the total cost of the septic.  Is this worth it?  I had originally thought $10-15k.

Short List:

1) Prepare a realistic budget – is building the lake house worth it?

2)  Prepare a timeline – what do we do first and when do we start?

3) Get our house ready to sell so we can create cash flow t.  My husband (Dan) and I agreed on July 1 as a target date to list the house.  The “to do” list is enormous!

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